2 comments on “ESP8266 + IFTTT

  1. Hello thanks for the tutorial, it’s great but i’m trying make some like this but i have problems in this part:

    “AT+CIPSEND=0,116\r\nGET /trigger/arduino-temp/with/key/**** HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: maker.ifttt.com\r\n\r\n”

    arduino say me: error
    i’m using arduino IDE terminal
    can you say me what is wrong please

  2. The Arduino IDE inserts a “\r\n” after every time you hit send. It also does not recognize what are called escape characters or sequences starting with “\”.

    For the Arduino IDE, you would have to hit send every time you want a \r\n inserted. For example, You would type AT+CIPSEND=0,116GET … Where is when you hit the send button (or return on the keyboard).

    Also wanted to note: for safety, I wouldn’t show anyone your ifttt key as another person can use it to mess with your triggers and such.

    Hope this helps,

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