RC Pontoon Boat


During the summer of 2013, I began working on a remote control boat with my father.

The boat is made with two pontoons constructed out of PVC pipe. The pontoon design was chosen primarily to reduce the chance of the boat filling up with water as well as the ease of construction.

Boat tiesBoat End Caps Boat Nose Cones


The pontoons are connected by a 3D printed piece that simply ties them together. By the end of the project, we will build a platform and attach it to these supports.  





The back of the pontoons are capped off with these finned caps. These caps keep water out of the pontoons and help the boat travel straight.





The other end of the pontoons are capped with nose cones. These nose cones help to cut the water and direct the water underneath the pontoons rather than over them. 

Boat Motor mount


The motors are attached using these printed parts. This is our first design for motor attachments. We found that the motors do not stay in place very well since friction is the only thing keeping them from rotating. The next revision of these attachments will have a way to lock into position on the support structures.


Currently the boat is run by directly plugging the motors in through the 3 feet of wiring.

Next steps:

  • Create circuit to control motors, read temp sensors, and communicate wirelessly with a computer.
  • Mount USB camera and transmit the signal to a computer.
  • Create a control application that operates the boat in response to XBox controller signals
  • Work on autonomous control using bumpers and infrared distance sensors.

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