Red/Green LED Matrix 5x5x5

During the summer of 2012, the cube was born. I decided to embark on a large-scale project. My project began with designing the basics of the cube. The cube is made up of 25 columns of LEDs chained together by their rows. The cube works by providing a ground connection to a certain row and a voltage connection to a certain column, lighting a single LED. To cause the appearance of multiple LEDs being lit at once, the LEDs are turned on and off faster then the eye can detect. This allows the individual control of all 250 connections while only using 55 pins. Because an Arduino UNO cannot support 55 pins without external hardware, I used an Arduino ADK.

To run the show, a controller application is used. This application is used to design, edit, and convert the shows for the Arduino. These formatted messages are then sent to the Arduino over the serial port. Once the Arduino receives the messages, it quickly decodes the communications into the correct pin combinations.  


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